Can electric cars catch on fire?

Can electric vehicles catch fire?

Can electric cars catch on fire? We’re all seeing more and more stories on television news and the internet about electric vehicle batteries catching fire. Is this widespread or just a few isolated incidents? How much should you worry about EV fires? Are electric cars more likely to catch fire? Just what is the story? […]

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How Does Lemon Law Affect Electric Vehicles?

If you were excited to purchase a swanky new electric vehicle only to discover it was defective, you’re probably very disappointed. But don’t despair — you might have a legal remedy. For everyone who is asking “how does lemon law affect electric vehicles?”, we’ve got answers. The skilled lemon law attorneys at Neale & Fhima […]

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How does the lemon law work for used cars?

How does the lemon law work for used cars? Did you know that California’s lemon law provides protection for consumers who purchase used cars, just as it does for new cars? It does. If you purchased a used car that turned out to have chronic electrical or mechanical flaws, you may have a legal remedy. […]

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What Is the Most Common Problem with Electric Cars?

Electric Car Lemon Law

Underneath the shiny newness and celebrity of electric vehicles, there are both benefits and drawbacks to owning EVs. If you’re asking, “what is the most common problem with electric cars?”, the answers range from travel distance to safety, depending on who you ask. Some of the most common problems with electric cars include: Reliability problems […]

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