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Whether you’re heading to the gala, racing around the track, or palling around town, there’s nothing quite like driving a Jaguar. Every Jaguar carries a rich history with it, one that you can feel in the stitching of the steering wheel and every time you press down the accelerator. That’s why it’s so heartbreaking to buy a Jaguar that can’t perform how it should. If you think you’ve purchased a lemon from Jaguar, contact a Jaguar lemon law lawyer. They can help you put the power back into the pedals.

A Jaguar lemon law attorney at Neale & Fhima is familiar with these kinds of cases, and we know just what to do. Our firm has a 99% record of success in lemon law cases. We know that you were excited when you first purchased your Jaguar F-Pace, F-Type, E-Pace, or XF, and you had visions of using your Jaguar for luxurious Sunday drives, fast days at the local race track, or taking your dates out for a night on the town. Buying a defective vehicle is a disappointment and a headache.

But we can help – California has one of the most consumer-friendly lemon laws in the nation that ensures your protection. Under the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, you are legally entitled to a refund if you purchase a defective Jaguar vehicle or it can be replaced at Jaguar’s expense. However, you must prove that it’s a lemon according to legal guidelines, and that’s where a skilled California lemon law lawyer can help. If it turns out that you do have a Jaguar lemon, you can either

Have Jaguar repurchase or replace your vehicle or Negotiate a cash settlement with Jaguar.

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Is Your Jaguar a Lemon?

A “lemon” refers to a defective vehicle, including cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, RVs, etc. These defects may manifest immediately or over time, persisting despite multiple repair attempts. Issues range from malfunctioning radios to excessive oil consumption. Such vehicles have been presented to the manufacture or its authorized dealers generalyy at least 2 or more times. To assess whether you have a valid Jaguar lemon law case, consult our California lemon law attorneys. Before filing, you must have made a “reasonable number of attempts” to fix the vehicle, giving the dealership a fair chance to resolve the issue.

In California, the lemon law applies to Jaguars with “nonconformities,” defined as defects covered by the manufacturer’s warranty that significantly impairs the safety, use, or value of the vehicle. Safety isn’t the sole criterion; issues related to radio malfunction, AC malfunction, and persistent vehicle noises can form the basis of a lemon law claim.

How Does Jaguar Lemon Law Buyback Work?

The process starts by filing a legal claim against the manufacturer. Our attorneys can do this for you. We expect resistance because auto manufacturers work hard to defeat lemon law claims and reduce financial payouts. But we are aggressive and know how to win. We are not intimidated by the manufacturers’ attorneys and are determined to secure the best possible outcome for our clients. To prevail in a Jaguar lemon law claim, you will have to:

  • Show that the defect compromises the use, value, or safety of your vehicle
  • Make “reasonable attempts” to have a dealership or mechanic repair the defect.

That’s why it’s important that you have proof that you attempted to have the vehicle fixed — keep all receipts, work orders, and used parts from each one of your repair appointments.

Is There a Time Limit on Filing a California Lemon Law Claim?

Yes. The statute of limitations under California’s lemon law is four years form the date you knew or should known the vehicle was a lemon. Generally, the sooner you file, the better. If you have purchased or leased a lemon, start collecting copies of your repair bills and immediately call a California lemon law attorney. The longer you wait, the more frustrated you will become.

Why Should I Choose Neale & Fhima?

In California, there’s no shortage of lemon law attorneys to choose from, but Neale & Fhima excels for several compelling reasons:

  • Proven Experience: Our attorneys have a track record of success with over 40 years of combined experience representing clients throughout California.
  • High Success Rate: Neale & Fhima boasts a remarkable 99% success rate, demonstrating the skill and effectiveness of our attorneys.
  • Personalized Approach: Unlike high-volume law firms, we prioritize building strong client relationships. We take the time to understand your unique needs and craft tailored settlement agreements.
  • Legal Expertise: California’s lemon law can be complex, but our attorneys possess in-depth knowledge of the statute and the court opinions that interpret it, ensuring your case benefits from our insights.
  • Manufacturer Insights: We frequently handle claims involving major automakers, allowing us to anticipate their responses to specific defects and models. We keep you informed about what to expect throughout the process.
  • Free Consultations: We offer free initial consultations, allowing you to discuss your situation before making any decisions regarding your claim.

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What steps should I take if I believe my Jaguar vehicle qualifies as a lemon?

If you suspect your Jaguar vehicle is a lemon, document all repair attempts, including dates, descriptions of the issues, and invoices. It’s crucial to consult with an attorney experienced in lemon law cases.

Can I still pursue a lemon law claim if I made modifications to my Jaguar vehicle?

Modifying the vehicle may affect your ability to pursue a lemon law claim. It’s important to consult with a lemon law attorney who can assess how any modifications might impact your case.

What remedies are available to consumers under the California Jaguar lemon law?

The law provides several potential remedies, including a replacement vehicle or a refund of the purchase price (including taxes, licensing, and other associated fees) minus an allowance for the consumer’s use of the vehicle. Another remedy a consumer may opt for is a cash-and-keep settlement, where the consumer keeps the vehicle (any financial obligations tied to the vehicle remain) and accept a cash settlement.

Is my vehicle eligible for lemon law protection if I bought it from a private seller?

The California Jaguar lemon law generally applies to vehicles purchased or leased from authorized dealers or manufacturers, or at retail, meaning someone in the business of selling vehicles. Private sales are typically not covered.

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