How Hard Is It to Win a Lemon Law Case?

It’s so frustrating when you purchase a car or truck only to find out that it has chronic mechanical or electrical problems. Fortunately, you may have legal recourse under California’s lemon law. If you’re wondering “How hard is it to win a lemon law case?”, the answer depends on several factors. Some of these include:

  • The nature of the defect
  • Whether the statute of limitations has laps...

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What Types of Problems Are Covered by the Lemon Law?

There are many types of problems that are covered by the lemon law. Whether mechanical or electrical, these problems can range from steering and braking issues to defective navigation systems – and everything in between. The key to qualifying for California lemon law protection is that the defect must “substantially impair” the vehicle’s ...

Can a dealer sell a lemon?

Can a dealer sell a lemon?

It’s one thing if you know you’re buying a former lemon that has been repaired by the manufacturer and is in tip-top condition. It’s another matter altogether if a car dealer sells you a lemon by failing to disclose accidents or damages that were done to the vehicle. That’s why it’s always a good idea to review a vehicle’s CarFax report based on its unique VIN number. If you’re wondering “Can a dealership sell you a lemon?”, ...

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Can electric vehicles catch fire?

Can electric vehicles catch fire?

We’re all seeing more and more stories on television news and the internet about electric vehicle batteries catching fire. Is this widespread or just a few isolated incidents? Should I be concerned? Just what is the story? Can electric vehicles catch fire? Well, the short answer is yes, electric vehicles can catch fire. Just how often or how severe the fires are is now being studied by the auto industry. Consider these recent recalls by ve...

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What Is the Most Common Problem with Electric Cars?

Electric Car Lemon Law

Underneath the shiny newness and celebrity of electric vehicles, there are both benefits and drawbacks to owning EVs. If you’re asking, “what is the most common problem with electric cars?”, the answers range from travel distance to safety, depending on who you ask. Some of the most common problems with electric cars include:

  • Reliability problems
  • Risk of fire and recalls
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How does manufacturer buyback work?

Lemon Law

If you discover that you’ve purchased a lemon, you’re probably not only frustrated, but you also want to know what your options are. Fortunately, California law provides a remedy through a manufacturer buyback.

The lemon law buyback process starts by filing a legal claim against the manufacturer. At Neale & Fhima, our attorneys will put the manufacturer on notice and get the ball rolling. Auto manufacturers work hard to defeat...

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What is the average lemon law settlement in CA?

There’s nothing more exciting than buying a new car and taking it out on the road with the sun overhead and breeze blowing through open windows.  It feels great to have a shiny new vehicle.  But when your car starts making funny noises or doesn’t perform or work properly, it can be a huge disappointment and a major headache.

If you purchased a car or truck that suffers from mechanical or electrical defects, you ...

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